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The first recorded tourist to visit the island was French antiques dealer Jean-Jacques Bouchard in the 17th century.

His diary, found in 1850, is an important information source about Capri.

Modern excavations have shown that human presence on the island can be dated to the Neolithic and the Bronze Age.

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In 27 AD, Tiberius permanently moved to Capri, running the Empire from there until his death in 37 AD.

In 182 AD, Emperor Commodus banished his sister Lucilla to Capri. After the end of the Western Roman Empire, Capri returned to the status of a dominion of Naples, and suffered various attacks and ravages by pirates. In 987 Pope John XV consecrated the first bishop of Capri, when Capri, Scala, Minori, and Lettere were made dioceses to serve as suffragans of Amalfi, which thereby became a metropolitan see.

French troops under Napoleon occupied Capri in January 1806.

The British ousted the French in the following May, after which Capri was turned into a powerful naval base (a "Second Gibraltar"), but the building program caused heavy damage to the archaeological sites.

Italy is a Republic, thus Capri, as part of Italy, has adopted those same principles too.