Craigslist dating scam seth rogan is dating

Believe it or not, your email address says a lot about you. Right away, an email lookup scammer knows that you work for Big Company.

With this information, they can ascertain where you're located at geographically, and make some basic assumptions about your age, income, and gender.

Kenyan women xxx - Craigslist dating scam

There are no women on the site – It is the typical get verified scam.

These date verification sites sign you up to a random set of dating sites. This is from the terms and conditions document: ” The site changes its name and underlying connections, depending upon what page you landed on.

They started with Craigslist, but so far have found nothing but scams.

Damian Martin said the first time he got a funny feeling about the ads was when three posts were the same, but included different pictures."It seemed like all the details for the vehicles were all the same. They all had 148,000 miles on them exactly," he said.

Experts warn if someone online wants to make a transaction through a third party such as Pay Pal, Western Union or e Bay, you should quit the sale immediately.