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Our online service will allow you to regularly keep up to date with your account details and balances all in the one spot on the one device. You don’t need to go to your Super fund anymore and wait on the phone for a customer service operator to answer your call and then go through a complicated validation process.You can forget all other log in details to your superannuation funds and keep track of your accounts by using our leading technology.Aussie Super Finder is an example of such a company who will help you look for funds going back over the last 21 years with no upfront fee.

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IMPROVED FREE SEARCH SERVICE We have now launched an exciting NEW Process for helping you Find All Your Superannuation.

In line with the launch we have now made the Super Search a FREE Service we offer to our clients.

This is required by the funds before a superannuation search can commence.

You may be regarded as a lost member of a super fund, approved deposit fund or eligible roll over fund if: Your fund has been unable to contact you because you have changed address and the fund has received return mail "not known at this address"; you are an inactive member because your previous employer no longer contributes or your account was transferred from another fund as a lost or inactive member and the new fund has not been advised of your new address.

"The service from KSR has been absolutely impeccable.