Conditional formatting not updating

We want to mark badges that expire within 60 days but are not yet expired with a yellow background color, and expired badges with a red background color.

In this example, cells with employee ID numbers who have certification dates due to expire within 60 days are formatted in yellow, and ID numbers of employees with an expired certification are formatted in red. The first rule (which, if True, sets cell background color to red) tests a date value in column B against the current date (obtained by using the TODAY function in a formula).

Because there is no conflict between the two formats, both rules are applied.

When rules conflict For example, one rule sets a cell font color to red and another rule sets a cell font color to green.

There are 2 worksheets: Formats and Empty The workbook also contains the Micro Timer api code for high resolution timing and 5 subs, Testing 1 through 4 and testscroll1.