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For many years it was the core of his system, and it still plays a large role in what he teaches, although he’s broadened his approach in recent years.

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– You’re welcome.” “If it was to insult me, there’s a website you can go to.” “No, I just know a lost cause when I see it.” Sometimes it’s a waste of time to argue with idiots. The most important it is not to be rejected or not. – That’s because you haven’t had sex with me.” “There is no girl too pretty for a PUA.” “- I have a surprise for you! – Depends with whom I’m playing.” “We’re gonna make a great team. If you wanted to play rough, all you had to do was ask.” “The only reason to wait a month for sex is if she’s 16 years, 11 months old.” “Sorry, wish I could help you, but my hands are tied. Bathing together, for example.” “We are friends who have sex together.” “Relax. “Man proposes, woman disposes.” “What’s going on sweetheart ? – I’m late for school.” “No breast-feeding in front of me. You can whip em out whenever you want.” “Jealousy is a powerful feeling.” “Work is a cruel mistress.” “- Where’ve you been? ” There is an infinity but well with more than 1000 ideas (contained in this ebook) , you are adorned to face the hazards of the game.

We just need some practice.” “Every artist needs a muse.” “Every artist needs a muse.” “This would be so much more fun if we were naked.” “I’am easy boy… You don’t want your hair to fall out.” “- How do I fix him? That was the universe.” “Ok, I will stay here at the bar with you, but you have to promise that you won’t make a dirty move on me.” “- let’s get a drink . I got home safe, which is a miracle considering what we were doing at this club.” “I’ve been in love. – Now you do, and it’s all what matters.” “Better a broken nose than a broken heart.” “They say the great die young, so I must be on my way.” “- I have a big meeting in a few hours. Do not hesitate to mix them, to adapt them to your context, to invent new lines!

I like it.” ” I like you and your laugh.” “It was a compliment. ” “Hate the game, not the player.” “Isn’t it boring, to be so virtuous? – So apologize.” “Fool me once, shame on you…” “Uuh, my bad.” “You’`re right. I do a lot of things I don’t have to do.” “Flattery will get you nowhere. “Superheroes don’t smoke.” “I don’t smoke, I go in for sport.” “- Do you smoke after sex? ” “With great penis comes great responsibility.” “Discouraging premarital sex is against my religion.” “It’s true, I am kind of retarded, but I am also kind of amazing.” “Don’t you sometimes wish you had two cocks? If you consider me divine.” “- And who do we say you are, my son? ;) ” ” I’m am too lazy to make my thumb work to write you a text. ” ” If a muscular not too uglynaked man leaves you indifferent, wonder about your sexual orientation.

You should give yourself more credit.” “- You cleaned up pretty well yourself. I’m the devil in disguise.” “Well, I’ve had plenty of practice.” “- Congratulations. – Thank you.” In the doubt, it is the best answer to receive a compliment. “I’m better at being the bad guy anyway.” “I can tell you from experience, everyone loves a villain.” “You have my word, for all that’s worth.” “I’m the guy your mother warned you about. – Not unless you count hate sex.” “I love it when you talk dirty.” “- You’re sick. I don’t know why, just ask God.” “- What I don’t get is why she likes you. ” “I’ve just always been a multi-tasker.” “I’ve just always been a multi-tasker.” “-Are you a man who enjoys games? We’re a predatory species.” “You know what they say about drugs taking… Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend? I am special, you are not.” “Leave a message and I might listen to it.” “- You’re like my brother – Well I hope you’re going to make yourself available for more missed childhood memories. Dare to be an optimist.” “You are going to sleep by knowing that you gave the best of yourself.” It is the most important. ” Just by writing these lines, I have imagined new retorts… ” ” – I can not come this evening finally sorry (flake) – There is nothing to be sorry about.

Now let’s go back to my place so you can collect your prize.” “- If you want to leave, now is the time.


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