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She can be ALLEGEDLY dating a member of a lesbian band or another assumed-to-be-gay actress, be BFF with out director Jamie Babbit and Tegan and Sara or any other celesbian you could also mention at a potluck party, but until she decides to say “Here’s how I relate to my character in the gay way,” we’ll probably just continue speculating/wishing/hoping/praying.

What would it matter if Clea were, in fact, gay and came out as such?

When I started acting in the early nineties, that was a bigger consideration, but now it doesn’t feel like that much of a big deal.

You look at how many gay characters are on television and in movies and actors just aren’t afraid to do that any more.

When the evening began Clea posed alone for the pictures but with time she must loosened up a little bit and the people opinion was not important for her anymore and she got cozy with Clea Du Vall girlfriend.