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In fact, many Massey followers will refer to their care methodology built around their natural curls as the CG Method.

It simply means they follow Lorraine's tips from her original "Curly Girl: The Handbook." Depending on the individual curl or kink pattern, there are different methods to use when diffusing hair.

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Remove the plopped hair, separate into sections and then diffuse with a long finger diffuse.

Consider the following styling products with your diffuser techniques: Mousse 1.

Be sure to detangle completely before diffusing to prevent unnecessary frizz. When you desire curlier hair, scrunch hair with gel while wet, and use the diffuser to dry while scrunching.

Styling Cream Styling Wax It's generally a much slower process to diffuse hair then to blow dry when using a concentrator.

Diffusing will most likely not help straight, damaged, super frizzy, ultra dry, and/or fragile hair unless special steps are taken to address these concerns.