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Leo claimed that he could not get money in Ghana with his Visa, Mastercard, or cash his travelers check. He than wanted money again for he and his son to fly to the states so Willie could get treatment. He said that they were not allowed into the states and he was back in Ghana. He claimed to be half Italian and had a very thick accent. The other names that he has used in Romance scams are Edward Powell, James Harry, and Fatahian Alain.

He wrote long e-mails every morning professing his love for me. I tried updating my bio to include my personal website so people could get into contact with me on there stating that I didn't have the $80-$90/year to pay for messaging and they denied my request to add that into my bio stating in an email: "You recently submitted your profile for approval. Some of the content was removed as it contained: Contact Information - We ask that you please keep from posting your email address, instant messenger info, or any other contact information in your profile.

I have made several complaints but they never find the person in their profiles.

I'm not quitting yet because there seems to be decent people there but it is very aggravating. I've blocked 4 men for scamming, reported them, they can't spell English, are looking for e-mail right in the first conversation, just don't even fall for it. The one "real" person I've talked to was out for sex. I used to get several matches per week and two or three profile views per day. Red flag, they started right in using words like "intrigued", "knowing you would be my greatest desire", "extra spark in my step" "thought about you all night", "you look charming and stunning and is hardly to get my eyes you" (the actual bad use of English) and "wrap our legs together".

I'd never recommend this to any Christian because of how greedy these people are Luke The Pharisees, who loved money, heard all this and were sneering at Jesus He said to them, You are the ones who justify yourselves in the eyes of others, but God knows your hearts.


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