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file to determine which Web applications need to be automatically started.

For each application that is marked for auto-start, IIS7.5 sends a request to ASP. NET 4, you now have a well-defined approach for performing expensive application initialization prior to processing the first HTTP request.

Some Web applications need to load large amounts of data or perform expensive initialization processing before serving the first request. NET, for these situations you had to devise custom approaches to "wake up" an ASP.

NET application and then run initialization code during the that directly addresses this scenario is available when ASP. The auto-start feature provides a controlled approach for starting up an application pool, initializing an ASP. Note IIS Application Warm-Up Module for IIS 7.5 The IIS team has released the first beta test version of the Application Warm-Up Module for IIS 7.5.

On versions of Windows Server that run IIS 6 or higher, the protocol device driver automatically rejects URLs with these characters. NET request validation searches incoming HTTP request data for strings that are commonly used in cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.