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“I don’t let having been with a man make me think I am heterosexual, or make me want to call myself that, because I know I have been attracted to women — and have lived with women,” she carefully explained.

“So, for me, I’m not looking to define myself, and I’m sorry if that is something that is seen as a rejection of or an unwillingness to embrace in a public way, but it’s simply not.

 The American Horror Story star opened up about her long rumoured relationship with fellow actress Holland Taylor and she declined to label her sexuality, saying she does not want be “skewered.” Speaking to The Edit this week, Paulson detailed the responses she recieved when she began to tell people about her relationship with Taylor.

Paulson said: “My life choices are, um, unconventional.

I’m with a much older person and people find that totally fascinating and odd, and, to me, it’s the least interesting thing about me. I am a woman of a certain age who chose not to have children, and who has made my career my priority.” Paulson continued: “I am the captain of my own ship, and I’ve never looked to anyone else to validate that, or tell me it’s okay.” Related: Sarah Paulson is the latest star to want to play Trump Some of the speculation surrounding the relationship between the two actresses comes from the age gap of 32 years between the American Horror Story star and her partner.


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