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I enjoy the blackjack, especially because it stayed real blackjack.

But I do wish there was more striptease involved, a little bit more sexy, more skin, a little faster.

Also good that you can split and double-down in this one. The profits should be directly proportional with the game progress.

Only negative point is that it is difficult to see the pictures, the camera doesn`t move enough for some pictures and there`s a lot of stuff in the way even when you`re looking at the pictures after you finish the game. Only draw back I have is the are you place bets and and play hide parts of the model when you get further into the game but all in all it`s a great tease and great game. When splitting, I was able to reach 25 from 5 cards after busting with 3, and my hand still counted as winning against her 20. First, the girl goes from "first time playing blackjack with aweful luck" to "grandmaster with a rabbit`s foot." However, that`s all cool, because how much you bet does not matter at all in the game.

Veronica was attractive, and it was nice to have the smaller picture along with the larger ones. I must agree with the most of the other players that the notifications in the game cover up the pictures. ", isn`t the great spots supposed to be the object of successfully completing this game? Maybe for the ending of the game you could use your winnings to have sex with her, or buy her implants or something interesting like that to make it a less typical card game.