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Prior to listing the states and programs, it is best to discuss how paying spouses actually works.

Each of the programs that follow, allow for consumer direction of services, which means the “consumer” or beneficiary has the option to “direct” from whom they receive their care services.

The Veteran’s Health Administration sets the hourly rate that personal care providers are paid, which is estimated at $12- $18, depending on the geographic area of the country. Veterans must be enrolled in the VHA Standard Medical Benefits package, have a medical need, and must live in certain geographic areas of the country in which the program is offered. VA Caregiver Support This program, also referred to as the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers, allows spouses to receive a monthly stipend to provide care for their veteran partners. It should be mentioned here that VA Pensions, such as Aid & Attendance, cannot be used to pay spouses.

However, it is less relevant to the elderly, as veterans must have been injured in the line of duty following Sept. This is discussed in greater detail under Misperceptions.

There are several different types of state programs that allow families this option.