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“If you’re going to run the locked phasers, you really need to degree them and make sure they’re installed where you want them setup for your engine combination.

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The phaser limiters, which install within each of the four cam phasers, limit the cam timing window, thus reducing the chances of piston-to-valve clearance issues due to the higher lift of the new camshafts.

Continued Patrick, “The reality is that at wide open throttle, you really only need about 13-15 degrees of cam retard in peak RPM situations, and from a horsepower standpoint, we really don’t need anything more than 20 degrees of phaser movement.” This is where COMP’s phaser limiters, which are placed within the camshaft phaser gears and physically limit their movement, come into play.

COMP Cams’ new XFI NSR camshafts were the first aftermarket cams designed from the ground-up, specifically for the new 5.0L Coyote engine.

The phaser limiters (pictured) and phaser locks used in conjuction with these cams earned awards upon their unveiling at the 2010 SEMA Show.

“At part-throttle cruising, they can retard the camshafts back significantly and that essentially throttles the engine without using the throttle blades, which creates some impressive fuel economy gains by reducing the pumping losses in the engines.” The larger XFI NSR camshaft adds duration, meaning the valves are open for a longer period of time.


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