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A deeper reason we perform this mitzvah is to remind us of the Exodus from Egypt, when God killed the Egyptian first born, yet spared the Jewish first born.Also, since a person loves his first born so much, it is a fitting time to re-acknowledge the fact that everything we own in fact belongs to God.2) The baby was delivered in the normal way, not via C-section.

(Numbers ) There are many factors that determine when and if to perform Pidyon Ha'Ben, so you will need to find a rabbi who is well versed in Jewish law to guide you.

In general, Pidyon Ha'Ben only applies to a son who "opened his mother's womb." Therefore, all the following conditions must apply: 1) The mother is Jewish, and she has never had a baby before, male or female.

5) The actual ceremony is as follows: The father attests to the fact that this is indeed his first-born son.

The Kohen then asks the father: "Which do you prefer, to give me your first born or to redeem him?

Members are expected to obey whatever they are told without any hesitation or skepticism.3.


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