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So based on some blogs I’ve read and a recent project I have worked on to realize a fully automated Operating System Build, I wanted to share my settings just to clarify which settings need to be present within the and the Customizing the affects all the settings which a machine will be booted with.

In my case it was necessary to provide a static IP configuration because the server back-end where I had a test virtual machine to my disposal had no active DHCP running, therefore it is necessary to specify the IP configuration for one or more machines.

In the wizard, I am choosing a ‘Full Set of Source Files’, then I need to provide the path, whether that is a DVD drive or a copy of a Windows DVD in a folder.

On my E drive I have taken a backup of my HP DVD to a folder, oddly enough named ‘HP DVD’.

Then it is time to configure our network adapter, in case of a virtual machine it is likely that we have only one network adapter present.