Blind dating cast list

Sam and Addison are still dating but are at different points in their lives.

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She is easing well into her new role as a grandmother, even though she was less than thrilled to find out her 16-year-old daughter Maya was pregnant.

Naomi eventually admits that she isn't happy with where her life is at the moment and makes a decision to find her purpose elsewhere.

Charlotte gets Sheldon to help her with a patient is trying to get a sex change, but gets angry when Sheldon denies her patient the surgery.

Addison decides that she and Sam can't keep their relationship a secret, and tries to tell Naomi, but doesn't until the end of the day resulting in Naomi telling her to back her up with the merger.

Addison and Sam continue their relationship, and eventually hit a rough patch when Addison decides that she wants a baby, and Sam doesn't want one because he already has Maya and Olivia.