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I wrote this for the Bold Italic, for whom I had a short-lived freelance writing career. I've seen this one on here before but I was so sick of not being able to read anything so I made one myself.

I'm pretty sure I'll manage to get it done within a month. (No, Mar, you don't have to apply, I'm going to force you to do it anyway).

Just about two-three people will do, preferrably someone who's fucking good at English to check my spelling and grammar, and someone who likes to go into details and good at pointing out things to improve. Expect me to spam you with stuff to test and pictures to decide what layout is better. Should I keep the material shounen-ai and leave the rest to your minds, or should I do some short animations that would automaticly ban me from a lot of places?

Today’s fat people, particularly women are viewed as angry, bitter, outspoken, opinionated, and even dumb.

Over the course of five days, 'fat' Yvette (pictured left) received 18 messages, 74 likes and 81 visits.

Making new friends seems to get harder, especially if you work shifts like many of our members.