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There was nothing by or about African Americans in UU hymnody.

In 1937 there was nothing in A 1989 study of UU worship preferences tells us that African Americans don’t fit the UU pattern.

Jordan at All Souls Unitarian Church in Washington, D. Their biographies did not appear in a UU publication until Dorothy May Emerson’s , in 1999.

In , published in 1973 by the UU Women’s Federation, not one African American woman is included among the 102 biographies—not Williams, not Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, not Florida Yates Ruffin Ridley.

The graduates might have fanned out across the South to preach the gospel of the larger hope, God’s all-embracing love. Jordan traveled around the Northeast in 1911–1912 raising money, but in the end raised less than $1,500.


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