Birth control and dating

While this generation of young people is known for their hook-up culture, the study found that most had sex with people they knew well.Only 2 percent of females and 7 percent of males describe their first sexual partner as someone they just met.

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If you are going to use the pull-out method, experts recommend combining it with another form of birth control such as a condom, which also protects against STDs, or the Pill.

But if you do use the pull-out method and you're worried that your partner didn't pull out in time or ejaculate away from your vagina, you might want to consider emergency contraception (a morning-after pill or a copper IUD, which doubles as a long-lasting form of birth control).

What’s even better is that more sexually active young people are using contraception.

Around 81 percent of girls say they used contraception the first time they had sex, which is up from 75 percent in 2002.

While not as drastic—a 4 percent drop in one year for women ages 20-to-24 and a 2 percent drop for women ages 25-to-29), they are the lowest rates ever recorded for this age group and likely contribute to the dropping national fertility.