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Sometimes you may need to use the plastic springs to isolate the screw from the motherboard PCB surface, because the circuit wire may be near by the hole.Be careful, dont let the screw contactany printed circuit write or parts on the PCB that are near the fixing hole, otherwise it may damage theboard or cause board malfunctioning. Chapter 1 Introduction English Features Summary Form Factor19.6cm x 29.5cm ATX size form factor, 4 layers PCBCPUSocket 478 for Intel® Micro FC-PGA2 Pentium® 4 processor Support Intel® Pentium® 4 (Northwood, 0.13 m) processor Support Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with HT Technology * Intel® Pentium® 4 400/533MHz FSB Auto detect and optimized setting for Pentium® 4 processor 2nd cache depends on CPUChipset Chipset Intel® 845 HOST/AGP/Controller ICH2 I/O Controller Hub Memory 3 184-pin DDR DIMM sockets Supports PC2100 DDR or PC1600 DDR DIMM Supports up to 2GB DRAM (Max) Supports only 2.5V DDR DIMM Supports 64bit ECC type DRAM integrity mode I/O Control ITE8712Slots1 AGP slot 4X (1.5V) device support 5 PCI slot supports 33MHz & PCI 2.2 compliant On-Board IDE 2 IDE bus master (DMA33/ATA66/ATA100) IDE ports for up to 4 ATAPI devices Supports PIO mode3, 4 (UDMA 33/ATA66/ATA100) IDE & ATAPI CD-ROMOn-Board Peripherals 1 Floppy port supports 2 FDD with 360K, 720K,1.2M, 1.44Mand 2.88M bytes 1 Parallel port supports Normal/EPP/ECP mode 2 Serial ports (COMA & COMB) 4 x USB 1.1 (2 by cable ) 1 Front Audio connector Hardware Monitor CPU/System fan revolution detect CPU temperature detect CPU warning temperature System voltage detect CPU/System fan fail warning to be continued......-5-Introduction10.bergman Edition - Chapter 9 - Problem 9.116 Verified Answer Square panels (250 mm250 mm) with a decorative,highly reflective plastic finish are cured in an oven at125C and cooled in quiescent air at 29C. Physics: Principles With Applications (7th Edition) - 7 Edition - Chapter 13 - Problem 54 Verified Answer Calculate (a) the rms speed of an oxygen molecule at 0C and (b) determine how many times per second it would move back and forth across a 5.0-m-long room on ...

Biosmode wait updating f w

Insert the DIMM memory module vertically into the DIMM socket. Close the plastic clip at both edges of the DIMM sockets to lock the DIMM module.

Reverse the installation steps when you wish to remove the DIMM module.

On-Board Sound Realtek ALC650 CODECEnglish Line Out / 2 front speaker Line In / 2 rear speaker(by s/w switch) Mic In / center & subwoofer(by s/w switch) SPDIF In / Out CD In / AUX In / Game port PS/2 Connector PS/2 Keyboard interface and PS/2 Mouse interface BIOS Licensed AWARD BIOS, 2M bit FWH Supports Q-Flash Additional Features PS/2 Keyboard password power on PS/2 Mouse power on STR(Suspend-To-RAM) AC Recovery USB KB/Mouse wake up from S3 Poly fuse for keyboard, USB, game port over-current protection Supports @BIOS Supports Easy Tune 4Jumper less Over Clock (CPU/DDR/AGP) by BIOSOverclocking"*" HT functionality requirement content : Enabling the functionality of Hyper-Threading Technology for your computer system requires allof the following platform components:- CPU: An Intel® Pentium 4 Processor with HT Technology- Chipset: An Intel® Chipset that supports HT Technology- BIOS: A BIOS that supports HT Technology and has it enabled- OS: An operation system that has optimizations for HT Technology Please set the CPU host frequency in accordance with your processors specifications.

We dont recommend you to set the system bus frequency over the CPUs specification becausethese specific bus frequencies are not the standard specifications for CPU, chipset and most of theperipherals.

Due to rapid change in technology, some of thespecifications might be out of date before publicationof this booklet.3. 14Step 4-1: I/O Back Panel Introduction ........................................................................... 692- / 4- / 6-Channel Audio Function Introuction .......................................... Item Checklist English The GA-8IR2003 motherboard2 Port USB Cable x 1IDE cable x 1 / Floppy cable x 14 Port USB Cable x 1CD for motherboard driver & utility SPDIF KIT x 1 (SPD-KIT)GA-8IR2003 users manual IEEE 1394 Cable x 1I/O Shield Audio Combo Kit x 1Quick PC Installation Guide Motherboard Settings Label RAID Manual WARNING! Use a grounded wrist strap before handling computer components.