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Beyond use dating multidose ointment

In an earlier study of both nurses and pharmacists who had been exposed to antineoplastic drugs (n=2976 women and a total of 7094 pregnancies), the risk of spontaneous abortion was increased by 1.5-fold.

A 1.4-fold increase was identified for the combined risk of spontaneous abortion and stillbirth .12 Given these data and risk for immediate adverse effects with exposure to HDs, there is a clear need for preventing exposure of HDs to all involved in handling them.

These should be negative pressure separate rooms that are externally ventilated. Introduction In light of drug shortages, concerns about outsourcing pharmacy services, and unique patient needs, Hospital Pharmacy Services is often required to compound pharmaceutical preparations.

Hazardous drugs that require refrigeration will need to be placed in a refrigerator in a negative pressure room. NIOSH List of Antineoplastic and Other Hazardous Drugs in Healthcare Settings 2012. To ensure appropriate compounding practices and assignment of a beyond-use-date (BUD), appropriate resources should be consulted and multiple factors including stability, sterility, compatibility, and risk level should be considered.1-3 This article summarizes steps in determining the most appropriate BUD for a compounded sterile preparation (CSP) or a compounded nonsterile preparation based on United States Pharmacopeia (USP) guidance and best practices.

The current language in the proposed chapter includes the word “shall,” meaning required, and “should,” meaning strongly recommended.