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A Dutch citizen, Jurrien de Jong, has come forward claiming that Holloway's body can be found in a crawl space at a Marriott vacation property in Aruba.

He told CNN that he witnessed a young man believe to be convicted murderer Joran van der Sloot carrying Holloway's limp body and putting her in the crawl space.

And not only are these decade(s)-old crimes, but they're ones that come with answers—not always the most satisfactory ones, when it comes to the ever-haunting "why? So call the world a little bit Almost 21 years later, no one has ever been charged with the murder of 6-year-old Jon Benét Ramsey, found in the basement of her family's spacious, suburban Colorado home on the day after Christmas in 1996. Names have been unearthed as possible suspects over the years, only to go right back into the ground.

Just last year a CBS special presented evidence that seemingly pointed the finger at Jon Benét's brother, Burke Ramsey—who then sued the lead investigator featured in the special for $150 million. Netflix followed a few months ago with the eerie The 20-year mark also recently passed for the still-unsolved murder of Notorious B. G., who was gunned down after a party in the middle of one of L.

De Jong claims he didn't come forward at the time because he was "involved in illegal activities." "Actually, there is no truth to that story,'' Beth said. "This particular individual has been around for a while trying to get traction to get attention, but he has no information.


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