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The future of ICQchat depends upon these volunteers and the user base, which has always acted to support the ICQchat IRC/Web community. I often find that if I want to get some info on a particular subject, forums are the best places to go - like WP, for example.

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Best free perth australia sex chat room

I agree that a good index of Australian forums/chat rooms is needed. Why not organise for a wiki entry to be set up here? I've added some (but not all) the forums already suggested in this thread. and my sister and her friends have a access 31 movie show called Flicktease, there is now a movie forum based in Perth on their web site. just bring along some respect and a friendly attitude...

Shall I set up a web site or can this index best be viewed at whirlpool or sitepoint? Of course, a mod might decide that its wholly inappropriate but I'll await judgement :) If by unrestricted you mean unmoderated or badly moderated yes I agree as they quickly become personal. looking for possible local aussie staff too, if anyone interested.. I've updated the wiki with a few sites – it's great (tho probably a bit out of date, I fixed a few but not all).

They are also ranked by Urban Centre and by Local Government Area (known internationally as ‘city proper’).

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