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“When Lauren and I started the Dating Ring, we didn’t just have one problem with the dating industry, we had many,” said Tessler.“A big one was how much time online dating took—the equivalent of a part-time job.” The Dating Ring, which graduated from Y Combinator’s 2014 incubator class and has raised a small amount of funding (under 0,000), provides its clients with the option of filling out an online essay about themselves or taking part in a 15-minute interview with a matchmaker.Michael Adams (not his real name) is a typical client.

No longer do people rely solely on their social circles to find mates.

Instead, ask anyone dating in this city: To overcome barriers such as a lack of time, too much choice and a lopsided female-to-male ratio, New Yorkers use an assortment of online and mobile dating apps, dating coaches and matchmakers to find the proverbial “one.” City residents have for years had a reputation for working long hours, and with good cause.

Online dating is about “improving on the real-world experience,” said Mark Brooks, who owns an Internet- dating industry consultancy called Courtland Brooks, based in Malta. When you’re pursuing someone, you don’t wait a few days before contacting them.

If you don’t stay in contact, someone else will.” According to the Pew Research Center, some 9% of American adults use or have used mobile dating apps.

For $40 or $80 per month, the matchmaker scours the Dating Ring’s database for a match, and sends clients a match every one or two weeks, depending on the tier of service.