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So if the price of the job was missing the party, well so be it."Good evening, John," Roxanne said as she entered what was officially called the central observation center but referred to by anyone who worked there as the fishbowl."And a very good evening to you young lady," the retired police officer said as he looked up from the book he was reading. " she asked as she dropped her gym bag on the counter.

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"Well you knew the drawbacks when you took this job," the blond-haired twenty-one-year-old said to herself as she ran her identification card through the scanner, gaining access to the buildings security section.

"so just live with it." A student at the local University, Roxanne had taken the security job for a number of good reasons. Working the late shift gave her a lot of flexibility in scheduling classes.

She and I both appreciate it." "Then go and enjoy it," Roxanne said in mock impatience as she sat at the desk and checked that all the monitors were clear.

John had just gotten to the door when he remembered something he'd forgotten to tell her.

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