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Heliacal rising refers to the annual "The heliacal rising of the malleefowl constellation [Lyra] in March signifies to the Boorong people of Victoria that the malleefowl are about to build their nests, and when Lyra disappears in October, the eggs are laid and are ready to be collected," Ray explained.

"The sky is an integral part of the environment, and so many dreaming stories involve the sky as well as the land.” Ray explained.

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INDIGENOUS PEOPLE have passed down astronomical knowledge for generations.

However little is known about this intimate understanding of the sky.

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"Sometimes called the Aboriginal Stonehenge, was built to mark the position of the setting Sun at midwinter, midsummer and the equinoxes." Ray explained that Wurdi Youang is the only Aboriginal site known to indicate significant astronomical positions on the horizon other than the cardinal points, suggesting that other such sites may be discovered in the future.