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I have never seen anyone who has so many people giving her an ayin-hore. I thought of the phrase “Looks can kill.” Well, maybe jealousy can kill, too.

But don’t worry,” she said with satisfaction, “I got them all.” Good, I thought grimly. I thought of all those imps, dybbuks and demons in Isaac Bashevis Singer’s fiction.

One of my children had come down with a rare illness – manageable, curable, yes, but it was serious enough that it felt like a plague, took out our kishkes tending to her. “And this is just after I had a consultation with the ayin-hore lady,” she noted. Because it was silly, and I swore to myself a long time ago, I would not lead a silly life. The synagogue congregants promptly gave a name they thought was suitable, but my father, who was completely unfamiliar with the Hebrew language, could not remember it.

The Pyms were confronted by agents of the secret police there.

Henry Pym was knocked unconscious and Maria was murdered.

Come on, an evil eye remover is predisposed to see those little buggers everywhere, just like homeopaths see parasites lurking in everyone’s intestines.

Ruchama lives in New Jersey with her husband and four children and teaches writing, helping people to write books.

It occurred to me that not paying was a way of hiding from myself what I had consented to – something silly and irrational, something I’d sworn I’d never do. This article originally appeared in The Forward, minus the P. Ruchama Feuerman lived in Israel for ten years where she studied and taught Torah, and then returned to the U. Her most recent work, a children's book, "Binah Lobell's Super Secret Diary," was just published by Judaica Press.