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It makes other Mormon singles wonder what you are doing on True LDS in the first place, but instead, exchange a few messages and then mention that you are a little shy and that you might need a little more time.

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Never use aggressive or rude language such as: ‘DO NOT WRITE me If you are not at least 6 feet 2’, ‘Don’t bother contacting me if you cannot treat me like a princess.’ This kind of language just turns other Mormon singles off, even if they meet your criteria.

You should be extremely careful with mentioning what you don’t want in a potential LDS online date, as it can offend or alienate others.

Everything “going in the right direction” sends your heart rate skyrocketing.

You know the commitment ultimatum to inevitable and you’re not looking forward to arguing or ending things.

You get SO MANY annoying comments about your “biological clock.” You hate that people talk about the possibility of you becoming a spinster if you don’t change your ways and settle down already.