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Adults with ADHD may have employment and marital or relationship problems due to inattention and impulse control difficulties. Getting the Help You Need Treatments typically include medication and counseling in order to learn new ways to manage symptoms.Counseling may help teach the child or adult to monitor their own behavior, improve how they relate to others, and improve organizational skills.You need to accept that she isn’t a regular-brained person, and she needs to avoid acting like she probably does in the world of the regular-brained — by hiding it when her attention wanders off.

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When one of her attentional shortcomings makes you feel like she’s messing with you, you might ask yourself whether she’s messing with her wallet when she means to put it back in her purse but instead puts it back in the freezer.

That said, it’s important that ADHD be used to explain only ADHD-related behaviors; she can’t be all “Oh, my attention wandered, and so did I — into bed with your best friend.” (She may have the attention span of a tsetse fly; she doesn’t get to have the ethics of one.) For your relationship to work, you both need to try harder, but in different ways.

ADHD presents in three different types: Predominantly hyperactive-impulse type; Predominantly inattentive type (formerly known as ADD); and Combined hyperactive-impulsive and inattentive type.

Children, adolescents and adults with ADHD may experience frustration within themselves, social difficulties, school and work problems.

(Better than pushing herself and snapping at you.) She needs to see that she’s on time when it’s important to you, and you need to have perspective when she comes to the door in a towel when it’s not.


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