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I think Christians that believe in premillennial theology and that are watching should be able to see all the signs shaping up for a fulfillment in our generation.

If we are that close to the end, one of the great mysteries is why America is not in Bible prophecy.

However, at the speed that America is blindly heading toward the cliff, I think we can surmise that the demise of America as a world superpower is not very far off.

China and India will peak in population with those of military age in the next 20 years and nobody doubts that they will become military and economic superpowers.

(Beyond 2030-2040 the Far East will go into depression and decline due to the realities of aborted children and resultant demographics.) Revelation makes it very clear that this huge army was prepared for a specific point in time and we can see the makings of that army forming now.

Today Israel is surrounded by Arab enemies and Islam is consolidating against Israel.


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    Discounting some of the more bitter responses - “weird and psychotic” or “hard work and volatile” we have put together a list of nine things which might help you understand the Austrian psyche before you embark on a date.

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