Apple mail gmail imap not updating

The issue we faced in with Mac, currently running Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3, and using Mail Mac App, its not able to download the IMAP folder hierarchy from Zoho servers, not matter if we use INBOX or / prefix, it cant see the folders, and cannot connect Sent/Draft/Trash to server, and keeps switching them to local. nothing did really help on Mac, checked all forums and tips and help, did every thing as described, but still cannot download folders from server to Mac Mail App.It’s a pretty safe bet that you have a Gmail account for at least one of your email addresses.Un-check the labels you don’t want to see populated inside of Apple Mail, and they will be hidden.

You are probably used to putting emails into folders just as you would file text documents or other files on your Mac.

When you use Gmail’s web interface, you have the ability to use Labels (also known as Tags) instead of the regular folders you have grown accustomed to.

It is worth noting here that with All Mail enabled, the emails are still downloaded multiple times to Apple Mail, but the duplicates are hidden.

While this will still use disk space, it is easier for you to view.

Apple’s default mail client is not only one of the best email apps out there, but the fact that it’s both free and pre‐installed makes it even better.


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