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To ensure a smooth upgrade, follow these steps: One reason this issue could occur if you used NCLU to add multiple bonds with names that did not end in a digit (such as "leaf6cd") and had non-default MTU specified. An issue in the network command line utility (NCLU) allowed a user to break out a switch port into 4x25G ports, which is an unsupported configuration.There was no option to break out the port to 4x10G. 2017-10-12T.642559 leaf01 clagd[13686]: Traceback (most recent call last): 2017-10-12T.643025 leaf01 clagd[13686]: File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/clag/", line 68, in Netlink Thread T 2017-10-12T.643453 leaf01 clagd[13686]: self.In such a case, packets would not be terminated and encapsulated packets would be sent out on UDP port 4789.

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In a VRR configuration, any interface-specific routing configuration (e.g., OSPF mode of operation) specified on the subinterface having a virtual IP address does not take effect.

This is because when an operator has specified a virtual IP on a bridge, the system creates another internal interface bridge with the virtual IP and MAC.

You can keep them up with individual IP addresses rather than anycast IPs when the peerlink is down, so that all single-connected hosts will have connectivity.

Further investigation regarding this issue is underway.

The extra data sent may contain sensitive information.


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