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An honest woman from the ukraine is more concerned about your heart than she is about your possessions.

If you focus on your money and things, she will probably assume you are a shallow and insecure person.

Most guys who are involved in this process (statistically speaking) are in their mid-upper 40'sand most of the ladies are in their mid-upper 20's. She probably does, but you need to be in contact with several women at any given time. Without doing your research you are just placing your bets (paying your money) and taking your chances. Sending her the wrong photos: You do not need to send her photos of your house, car or other prized possession.

If you do, I guarantee you will attract the wrong type of woman.

She wants love and respect, not a free ride to the west! They have to deal with drunk husbands/boyfriends who think nothing about going out and finding a mistress, don't want to support their family (so she goes out to work), and generally most of the decisions and hard choices fall to the ladies.