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Still, the Murdochs seem to be making clear that they are no longer protecting executives and anchors accused of sexual harassment or discrimination. media regulator Ofcom, which is advising the government on whether to approve Fox's $15 billion bid for Sky said Lachlan and James Murdoch, in a meeting in May, "personally put to us that no individual working for Fox News could now be under the impression that sexual harassment is acceptable, having seen the sacking of Mr Ailes, Mr O’Reilly and a number of other employees including very senior managers," the regulatory agency said in its report.

Major ousters Fox News co-president Bill Shine — mentioned in several lawsuits against Fox News for fostering a workplace culture where sexual harassment and racial discrimination were allowed to go unchecked — resigned two months ago. This follows the departure of O'Reilly, dismissed in April after an internal investigation into sexual harassment claims, and after a investigation found that he or the company paid a total of about $13 million in settlements to five women about his behavior over several years. Setting off this fallout was the July 2016 resignation of Ailes in the wake of accusations of sexual harassment and discrimination after former Fox revealed it had paid about $45 million in settlements related to Ailes, including a $20 million settlement with Carlson. image The house-cleaning was meant to send a message — and at least one listener heard it. The regulators also said that Fox dealt with racial discrimination cases "in a timely fashion ...

"Rather than treating them as isolated events, companies that experience multiple claims of harassment and discrimination need to approach it as a structural problem," said Joelle Emerson, founder and CEO of Paradigm, a strategy firm that consults with companies on diversity and inclusion.

That means assessing internal processes and policies, outcomes like hiring, advancement and compensation, and organizational culture.

It's bolstered the human resources function: Fox News' executive vice president of human resources Kevin Lord, hired in January, reports to the parent company, not Fox News executives.


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