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Then Curtis Holck of Mason City shot back to back 270's in 20.

In 2011, Kirby Pettitt of Carroll bested it by one stroke with a 269.

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In 2014, Ben Wollam of Marshalltown played the par 4's 15 under par and set the current tournament record at 268.

Throughout its over 90 years, the Northwest Amateur Golf Tournament has survived the moving of the country club.

He was a finalist five years in a row and won in 19.

According to an article in the July, 1964 edition of The Iowa Golfer, Asher also holds the distinction of being the first in the tournament to have his caddie lug around a stool for him to sit on while waiting on other players.

Walter Thomas and Dick Tang of Fort Dodge battled it out in the finals that year, ending in a 287 tie.