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The antique table, chairs, and rug are family heirlooms, and the wrought-iron chandelier is custom-made.

"She started buying stuff for the house a year before we moved in," says Mark, with a laugh.

When it comes to home renovation, there's no substitute for experience. It's at the same time highly useful to professionals, but also one that's invaluable for homeowners and people of the fixer-upper persuasion.

Renovation 4th Edition contains the collective wisdom of hundreds of contractors, architects and tradespeople who shared their first-hand experience with Mike Litchfield as he interviewed and photographed them on job sites across North America. — Lloyd Kahn, "Cool Tools" "Michael Litchfield is the rare export who has not forgotten the confusion that new renovators often feel.

"I told him, 'Don't underestimate us.'" In return, she and Mark didn't underestimate the property's potential.


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