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One of my first jobs ever was in Rome, so I lived in Rome for six months. [laughs] The scenery is really a major character in the movie, and it’s all on location. The most romantic thing I’ve ever done was a road trip through Italy with a girlfriend.

And we were able to shoot a lot of it in order, so it had the feel of a road trip. The relationship we had is between my character Charlie and her was about protectiveness, which I wanted to portray in the first half of the film. And we got along very well so that made it very easy. But with all the romance, and shooting in order, as Amanda and I became closer friends it just got easier. It was a three week road trip, if you’re not tearing at each other by the end of it that says a lot about a relationship. The unpleasant nature that Charlie has in the beginning, the somewhat over-the-top attitude, it was really Gary’s job to keep a tap on it so it wasn’t too much.

He also portrayed Alex Lannon in the Apocalyptic TV series, Dominion.

Egan was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

I read it during a break in Australia, and after coming from freezing cold New York City, the setting was in Italy, one of the most beautiful places in the world.


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