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She whipped the towel off me and I covered myself with my hand. "Can't waste any," Abbie giggled and squeegeed the hot slimy stuff into the jar with her fingers. She held up a clear plastic tube about the size of my finger. My hand shook as I took the little cylinder from her. A significant amount of semen coated the head of my penis. I just suck the semen up into it, then slip the you-know-what, and squirt the baby making magic in." "That's it? I had difficulty dragging my eyes away from every boy's dream. You and I look alike, same red hair, similar features.

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It's a stupid joke but this reminded hardcore of that. I think there was a point where things just got carried away really quickly. Cleavage can just be called that and not "what people call cleavage".

She of course saw where I was looking and hefted them both in her two hands. I once did long distance with a girl and we would joke about sending a turkey baster with my cum in it. " Don't start with something like the mom calling them both by their full names and never pay it off with them having nicknames for one another.

I need a donor who is one hundred percent safe..a threat in any way.

Poking his nose in, suing for access later, or whatever.

After a long fifteen minutes Abbie tapped on the door.