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Divorce 101 can help you understand what's important in determining both child support and alimony, as well as what your options are when the support payments aren't being made. Hire the best family/divorce lawyer you can afford, snoop into everything you can.

If your husband is stalling the divorce process keep track and have your lawyer demand attorneys fees for the stonewalling. Most women's standard of living goes way down after a divorce whereas a man may suffer for a year or two. JB Here’s the truth: Not every lawyer has the time or inclination to hold their client's hand through each step of the divorce process.

The information in this book is so valuable to me as I am uncertain of my rights and of future consequences of decisions made during the divorce. Don't worry though, everything is laid out for you so you can take it step by step.

To help you prepare yourself for a divorce, you'll discover: Divorce 101 had very clear and useful information regarding the many things a woman needs to know before she sees a lawyer, and good advise for abused women. They gave me a complete idea of what I was going to be working with in regards to money, and especially my living expenses as a divorced woman as compared to now, where my husband pays most everything.

When you're facing a divorce, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by everything.