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She stated how happy she was that we met and that now her dad wouldn’t be alone in that big house in Beverly Hills. He knew exactly what to say and brought things up with identical experiences.

She also told me that her dad thought I was so wonderful and that our relationship sounded so promising and that she was so happy we had met. As time went on, I couldn’t believe that I had met this wonderful man that was so kind, understanding, successful and very handsome. Little did I know that he was looking at my social media to learn all about my daughter and myself. Then, about 2 weeks after we had met, he sent me an email in the middle of the night saying he couldn’t sleep and something terrible had happened. He said that they had frozen his bank account because someone had sent him a payment for work he had done in Europe and they sent fraudulent money and they had to close/freeze the account.

A few days later, he informed me that he was going to Miami on a business trip and that we couldn’t meet but he would be back very soon and we would meet then.

I was fine with that because I was working and traveling to. When he reached Miami, he told me he was in high-level meetings with some telecommunications leaders from Trinidad and he was attempting to secure a deal that would be great for him to get.

He said that if he got the contract, it was going to be the last big job he was going to do and that retirement would be very soon.


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