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I actually came back here because now I am working on a simulation tat utilizes bots in role playing. Hi Mike, How is it going with using bots to do role play?

Please contact me in Second Life if you are able to help. I am doing the same on our university island (Monash University 2 - Chinese Island) and am curious to know more about what you are doing. I have been using the bot on my Moodle website to offer my students some interaction on the website. IM me inworld and I'll give you a full perm version of my bot so you can explore. Mike Hi Mike, I would be interested to talk to you more about what you mean by "a programmable avatar".

I'm quite sure you'll get fresh new input (althought this discussion between the two of you is already exciting anyway). I will check in whenever I can while we are travelling, so I hope I can keep them online as much as possible.

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If they have any learning efficacy at all, it is this combination (along with task-design) that achieves it. I hope someone can help me regain access to my account.

Cheers, Scott I've tried many times to send a request to update my account here but I have not received a reply. Thanks, Professor Merryman aka Mike Mc Kay My chatbot is available on our website to members only and in Second Life at Cypris Village.

For an example of what I would like to do with programmed bots, let's say there is a restaurant. Based on the roll of the die the student must react to the situation.

One student is the waitress, one a customer, and another a manager. If it's a 3 the customer must complain in a nice tone, a one and they must complain in a strong tone.

Another major benefit of using the bots as the main interlocutors in the lesson was that the tutors and myself were free to go around to individual students and look at what they were saying to the bots and help them with any linguistic issues they were having (Scott, the bot won't answer my questions! that is not the Chinese character you should use / that is not how you should ask that question...this and see how the bot responds). I can be contacted inworld by sending an IM to Professor Merryman.