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Examine the chat, know where the player concentrations are, and once you've developed your character, location, and faction enough, play to the role characteristics.

Be polite IC and OOC, or just OOC if your character's a real jerk IC, work with everyone to complete jobs, gather some friends and go shoot rodents of unusual size in the wasteland, whatever.

Are you a creepy and powerful crime lord who makes everyone shrink away and obey him with his mere presence, or are you an outgoing person that just seems to lighten the mood wherever you go? Another thing you need to know about is player concentration.

This simply refers to the areas of a map which are hot zones for players. As an example, Crane Town's faction build is very highly twisted toward the CDF.

When you first come into the game, it really helps to have a character sort-of thought out that you can play with.


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