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This is a fully-featured cross-platform videoconferencing program the Apple and PC platform has - in most aspects - what i Chat could have been.

[FYI: ISPQ's parent, Nano Com used to license out it's video conferencing code.

Microsoft had added video support in the updated Messenger v8 for Mac.

Until this release there were two alternate MSN clones for Mac that try to do video; Mercury Messenger and AMSN you might want to check out.

It works, it's fun, has a HUGE community of millions of users - and can be overwhelming sometimes.

Cam Frog for OSX makes it a little too easy to drown in overlapping windows but it's very approachable for first-time video chatters to get connected quickly.

You're on your own to find and build your own Pal-Buddy List from friends @and @and @accounts.


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