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Recalled by Emperor Charles in early 877, Boson left his brother Richard in his place in Italy and became Governor and Comte de Provence [877].

He took part in the general rebellion of 877, refusing to swear allegiance to Louis II "le Bègue" King of the West Franks on his accession[16].

The misspellings in the text are intense and rampant to the point of being almost artistic.

The statement was an update to a post from March 2006 — within a few months of when My Immortal was first published — which led many to regard it as the real deal.

A lot of people are asking why I waited until this month to say anything, so I'll try to address that. seems to be a body without a head right now, because staff doesn't answer any of my emails. If you know how to get in contact with Xing Li, let me know.