Accomodating guestrooms

Be safe use the resort staff you will be much happier and have a better experience.

The nightly shows are really good, the disco opens at 11 pm we went twice, first night not so good, second time great time.

In 2 restuarants only the entree is a al carte (salads, appetzers,desert and drinks are buffet) and the 3rd restaurant is all all buffet. Unless I'm misinterpreting: if the resort option you pick is all-inclusive, the cost of food, drink, and dining are included in the sale. One is buffet dining all the time for dinner and no reservations. The others you have to make reservations, so see the conceirge when you check in (hope I spelled that correctly). They also have lunch in one of the restaurants during the day and cook jerk chicken with rice and beans on the beach. Pricing and availability are subject to change at any time.

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You will still get special package pricing on the hotel and just pay for one airfare through us.

Not too sure about that, but i would imagine that you have a chance in doing so.

If you are going to eat at Rose Hall for dinner make sure you sit in "Supermans" area outside he is truly the best.

The bartenders at the swim up bar Michael and Wendell will make your drinks phenomenal.

My only complaints are that if you do not eat pork for breakfast you are VERY limited with your breakfast options they do not have turkey bacon/sausage only non-pork they have is corned beef hash.