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A written copy of the text is given to each student in the group. Are you typically the one who says (when something is read aloud), “Let me see that, I missed half of what you said.”? (Click here to learn more about discovering your own learning style.) This is how Braille can function for a student that is blind; it’s her way of “seeing” the text for herself.The teacher decides that since this is a discussion-based activity, the text can be read aloud to a student who is blind and he/she can still fully participate. Having the text read aloud is a reasonable accommodation, but it is not fully inclusive.The introvert’s ability to really listen to students, parents, colleagues, and others invested in schools can help build relationships.

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Of course, teachers have it a little easier than students as they can take a planning period to recharge, but that’s only if the planning time is not spent in meetings, professional development, parent conferences, etc.

And I know that all of these activities are part of the job, part of our responsibilities as educators, but how much more effective would those meetings be if we allowed our introverted teachers a little recharge time?

Probably one of the best protocols I’ve learned during my relationship with ABPC’s Instructional Partner’s Network is “wait time.” Wait time is not just for my students, or teachers during a professional learning experience, but also for me, the instructional partner. She currently lives in Enterprise and works as an Instructional Partner at Dauphin Junior HIgh School.

It helps balance my need to stop and think things over, and my extroverted colleagues’ need to discuss everything right way. It doesn’t matter if introverts can be successful in extroverted positions or vice-versa, what matters is finding the balance so that all of our various needs in this regard are accommodated in some way. “I enjoy running, reading, writing and being an advocate for our introverted students and teachers.

What about those who have hearing impairments or processing issues?