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Over 300 articles - Research on all facets of Creation theory's impact in the social sciences: history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, linguistics, etc.

Also many articles on scientific subjects and thought provoking editorials!

Wanneer twee sulke sterre baie na aan mekaar lê, kan hul swaartekrag-interaksie ’n groot invloed op hul evolusie hê.

Sterre was nog altyd baie belangrik vir beskawings oor die hele wêreld.

I have written a number of articles under the series title: Answers to my Evolutionist Friends.


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    That said, the chat history remains in the room so if you don’t want to be bombarded by email, SMS or on Google Talk, then you can always go back any time and read what you missed.

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    Dit betekent dat, zelfs wanneer onze website zou worden gehackt, deze niet op straat komen te liggen.

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    Kenny also believes that many Irish men have to alter their dating techniques and behaviour in relationships because of the influence of other nationalities.